FOTM training schedule set

July 15, 2012



This is the course (from north to south) for the training run scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 26 — the green trail, or section two of FOTM, from Aid Station 2 to Aid Station 4 (a.k.a. the Oasis).

GREEN RIDGE STATE FOREST, Md., July 15 — The training schedule and guidelines for the 3rd annual Fire on the Mountain 50K and two-person relay (presented by Sheetz) is now available. Each training date aims to provide runners a chance to preview portions of the 32-mile trail course based in four categories: the red trail, the green trail, the logging road section and the purple trail.

Each training run is designed to be a point-to-point run. The total number of miles for each run is listed below. Feel free to add on whatever mileage you want afterwards, of course.

Already entered? Come preview your race course. Still thinkin’ about it? Check it out; you’ll either fall in love with it or decide this event just isn’t your thing (or, heck, do the relay instead of the whole thing!)

The following dates have been established for the FOTM (event date is Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012)

Sunday, Oct. 14 — Logging road and purple trail (16.5 miles). Meet-up time is 8:15 a.m. Meet-up location is here.

Sunday, Oct. 21 — Not an official training run, but anyone willing to help mark the course would be welcome!!!

Training run guidelines for 2012:

* RSVP is greatly appreciated. We will not wait. Start times and locations are thoroughly announced. Please be on time. Meet-up time will be 8 a.m. for each training run unless otherwise specified.  Directions to the meet-up area will be posted at least one week in advance or, if the web guy gets boggled down with other things, less than one week in advance. To RSVP, send an email to or comment on the Potomac Highlands Distance Club Facebook page.

* All training runs are self-supported and at your own pace. The course is not marked. So bring your own water/energy drink/gel/salt tablets and study the course map available online, and listen to any pre-run briefing, offered by the training run coordinator.

* This list is not necessarily all-inclusive. If there is a date you’d like to hit the trails, send an email. We’ll be happy to try to accommodate your schedule.

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