Goldsborough Creek 7M and 2M

Course map (rough sketch) … * Race preview (from the Shelton Journal)

* Race recap * 2012 results:
2-mile run2-mile walk7-mile run7-mile walkJunior Jog

7-mile walk photos (start, 1-mile, 2-mile point) …

All others (2-mile race start, 7-mile start, 7-mile 2.3-mile point and finish (which includes many walkers and all junior joggers)

Mason General Hospital event page

SHELTON, Wa., June 2, 2012 — Join race director Sheryal Balding and the Centennial Guild, an affiliate of the Mason General Hospital Foundation, for the annual Goldsborough Creek Fun Runs, which offer distances of 7 miles, 2 miles and a children’s 1/4-mile junior jog along Railroad Avenue.