Barefoot running

Barefoot running, believe it or not, doesn’t always mean running barefoot. Intrigued? There are a bunch of knowledgable sources on the web about the minimalist and barefoot shoes.

First, please know that the Potomac Highlands Distance Club feels that running in minimalist or barefoot shoes is not for everyone. As there are many successful ways to train for a 5K or 10K race, there also are varied, reliable ways to determine which shoe is right for you. But we also feel it’s worth checking out — if only to strengthen your confidence in the shoe you already wear.

We suggest starting off with this book, The Barefoot Running Book, Second Edition, by Jason Robillard. We encourage you to start here because the author, among other great things, offers an easy-to-follow guide about how to transition from modern running shoes (those from 1970 on) to the minimalist, or barefoot, shoe.

Other places on the web that we’ve checked out (and fallen in love with):

First, watch this video.

Barefoot Running University – How to start

The Natural Running Center – Shepherdstown, WV – a great one-stop shop for all kinds of stuff!

Two Rivers Treads – Shepherdstown, WV – the flagship store of The Natural Running Center

 If The Shoe Fits – Frederick, MD – Great place for adults to find a reliable barefoot/minimalist shoe

 The Runner’s Sole – Chambersburg, PA and Gettysburg, PA – Rick Meyers knows his stuff