Timing Services

Give us a chance to show you the timing services provided by the Potomac Highlands Distance Club are second to none, the most bang for your buck and, should we mention that we don’t do “just timing?”

The PHDC is able to offer among the lowest rates you can possibly find to handle your finish line duties simply because we’re not in it for the money — no one from the PHDC is out to make a living from the money collected timing your race. Instead, the PHDC’s timing services is the fundraising arm of the PHDC, a nonprofit club under the Road Runners Club of America. The funds raised from timing (and related) services go right back into the club — helping to keep membership fees and entry fees among the lowest in the nation.

Services we offer include:
* Course measurement
* Course marking
* Online registration set-up
* Assistance with paper entry forms
* Logistics management guidance (permits, facilities, sponsors, awards, shirts, media – anything related to your event)
*  Photography
* Videography
* Post-race media reports

And, oh yeah, timing!

Call 304-209-8981 or send an email to run@phdispatch.com with any questions you might have. Trust us – if you’re raising money for a charity or other noble cause, your bottom line will be glad you have us at your finish line.